Meet the Owners - J. Ari & Vic'

As a single mother raising a young princess I wanted to leave a legacy for my daughter. The idea of becoming my own boss and owning my own company was appealing and extremely motivational. The Ari Nicole Collection was founded in 2014 with my daughter, Jas'myne Ariyanna, in mind. Jas'myne has a bright personality and an indescribable love of the arts. She showed an early interest in crafting projects which lead us both down a path that could only be described as magical.

The Ari Nicole Collection is special not because of its organic origins or even the fact that a now nine year old Jas'myne makes them, The Ari Nicole Collection is special because we make every batch with love and care. 

We are forever thankful for the support of our family and friends during the start-up process.There was no website or social media outlets, but we sold from our kitchen into their homes. I decided to launch our business on April 28, 2019 because the inspiration and motivation to be great comes from Jas'myne and that happens to be her birthday. We are humble and grateful for the outpouring of love from all of you. Ari Nicole could not, would not exist if it weren't for you guys believing in us. Thank you so very much.